When I became 6 years of age I finally was allowed to ride a horse. Every week I went to a stable in the neighborhood and in summer I went to horses summercamps. During the weekends I helped out at an Arabs studfarm, for which I had to drive back and forth for one and a half hour with my bike. In my life horses were all that existed. Everything only around horses. It was more or less apparent that I was going to 'do something with horses'. I have been looking around for quite some years for my destiny with horses. Together with my horse Rasta I have worked with a lot of stables and riding schools. We learned together everything that was required to enter the course in Deurne (Netherlands). There was no other good option at that time in my area. Lifes direction took a swing; horses made room for another hearts desire; to become a mother. In addtion to study, serious jobs with serious obligations.

More than 20 years the book was closed, until I made the step again to ride. I smelled the scent of the horse, felt the soft fur and was back on track! I decided to buy my own horse and encountered the Spanish stud Elody. And with Elody the journey began to another way of interacting with horses. Because, what I used to do and have learnt, was not right for me anymore. I felt 'it has to be possible to have fun together from the basis of connection, cooperation and passion?'. That is how I discoverd the ways of Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling; Dancing with horses! Jason Wauters (EDEN) has shown me and Elody back to the way of the heart via physical practice. The way of the soul.

For my many years of experience as an coach and familyconstallator I have a lot to offer to horse and human. You can read more about me on Inspiratiecentrum (Dutch).